Free Masterclass: Learn From One of The Top Personal Concierge Business Owners Online,
Kelly Schaefer of The Concierge Academy!
The 5 Things to Focus on in 2020
that will have the BIGGEST Impact on your Business
Make more money in 2020 with less time wasted on things that don't matter, less money wasted, and a clearer focus.
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AT this exclusive free online training
you'll be able to make more money
by getting the most out of
your 2020 marketing.
What You'll Learn

You can build a clear plan, waste less hours "trying to figure things out",
and even get more clients in 2020!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect
at this exclusive free online training:

Build Your Business
- How to create a thriving concierge business

- How to build a community around your business to generate sales and referrals.
Make More Money
- How to stop losing money (and wasting time)

- What marketing strategies you should focus on the most.
Book More Clients
- How to increase your new client base more easily

- How to make more money from the clients you already have.

... and much more!

Don't miss this exclusive free online training where you can see exactly what it takes to create, build, and grow a thriving, profitable personal concierge business.

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Disclaimer - This presentation is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to growing a successful concierge business. 
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the presentation, a program will be offered for purchase.

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